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Darlene Samson was always fascinated with making videos. She shares how enthusiastic she was whenever she does AVP projects way back in high school. It was because of her love for video content creation that she decided to pursue Film in college.

However, she reconsidered when she discussed this plan to her mom. In the end, she took up Multimedia Arts here at MINT College instead. Despite deviating from her original plan, she shares how the environment at MINT fosters creative people like her.

Now working as a graphic designer at an advertising agency, she recalls her stay here at MINT. She opens up how the MINT MMA program helped her to thrive as a professional creative and how the school prepared her for the demands of her chosen career.

In this new episode of LIFE AFTER MINT, Darlene talks about the school environment of MINT and the values she learned from her four-year stay here.