MINT-SHS student-athlete Kayla Nocum bagged, not only a win at a golf tournament, but also full scholarship to her “dream school”, Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah, USA. She is now bound to attend college abroad after winning at the Asian Junior Golf Tournament Championship last September 2. She just officially signed her Letter of Intent to Play for BYU yesterday, November 19, here at MINT.

She is currently in Grade 12, taking up Entrepreneurial Management. “I’m planning to take up Business Management at BYU, since it’s a business school as well,” she said. As a student-athlete, Kayla was thankful for MINT’s flexible class schedule—she can practice and play the sport before and after her classes, which happen three times a week. Now that she’s on her way to become a collegiate student-athlete at BYU, she said that she looks forward to being able to develop her skills in the sport while gaining more knowledge at the career path she’s planning to pursue.

Her full scholarship will cover her studies at BYU while she continues playing golf under the name of the university. "I was really happy! I’m really hoping to get into this school ever since I found out about it last year,” she said.

Kayla has been a jack-of-all-trades in sports, starting as a figure skater before being a golfer. Influenced by her athletic parents, she was encouraged to try out different sports before settling down on her current one. Now, she has been playing golf for eight years already, also having competed at different tournaments and had been a part of the national team as well. She plays as an amateur golfer and is a part of the Junior Golf Foundation of the Philippines.

For Kayla, MINT has been a big boost for her. She shared that the school gave her space to grow as a student-athlete and she is thankful for the support it had given her. “I would definitely miss the people and the culture here at MINT. The freedom that I have to do things at my own pace. To learn. I know that the school (MINT) is very different from BYU,” she added.

As for Risa Nocum, Kayla’s mother, this big win is a great news for everyone in the family. “At first, I felt, like, ‘This is it! She is bound for college now.’ I was a bit worried since she’s my only daughter, but I believe that we prepare her enough, that MINT has prepared her enough, to be able to take care of herself and I know she can be an independent person. Now, I just feel excited, as is everyone in the family,” she shared.

Truly, this milestone is a “hole-in-one”!