Good day, everyone! We are looking for talented and dedicated staff to join our team. E-mail your CVs to and indicate in the subject the position you're applying for:

• HR Manager*:
To be in charge of Hiring, Human Resources Management, Benefits Administration, Performance Management, Communication Processes, Compensation and Wage Structure, Supports Diversity, Classifying Employees, Employment Law, Organization

*Educational attainment: Masters in Psychology

• Admissions Assistant:
To be in charge of High School Presentations and Exhibits, Campus Tours, Student Database, Administer Entrance Exams, Student Events, External Communications

• Network Administrator:
To be in charge of Network Performance Tuning, LAN Knowledge, Network Design and Implementation, Problem Solving, Strategic Planning, Multi-tasking, Quality Focus, Coordination, Technical Understanding, Quick Study

• School Nurse*:
Will Maintain and Update Student Health Records, Facilitate Physicals, Health Research, Maintain School Clinic

*Must be a licensed nurse

Good luck!