Congratulations to Gino Domingo, Marketing '15 for his exemplary academic and leadership qualities, which has earned him a Leadership Distinction award at MINT College's pioneering graduation ceremony, Freshly Minted.

Unfortunately, Gino was not able to enjoy the ceremony with his fellow MINT graduates. The reason being that he was hired immediately after finishing his studies by a Japanese multinational company. He was hired as a Project Manager responsible for hiring, marketing and business development in their Vietnam regional office. In fact, he is currently launching a new product there and was very disappointed that it coincided with his graduation at MINT.

"I know how important the graduation ceremony is and how nice it would be to witness this milestone personally but my work now is the real culmination of my hard work at MINT. All my classes, the many lessons and challenges are what equipped me to become the marketing professional that I am today. Within just months, I am now leading a product launch in a foreign country. This is because of the type of education that MINT has given me. MINT gave me a chance to grow and learn more about myself. It gave me the motivation to pursue my goals and it led me to the career that I wanted."

You have made your MINT family so proud!