The Proud Identities & Students of MINT (PRISM) is the first LGBT organization of MINT students. PRISM aims to provide a safe place for its LGBT students and supporters to freely express their identities without fear of persecution or judgement, and build awareness about LGBT issues and advocacies in MINT and its immediate communities through various programs and social activities. PRISM believes that educating people about sexual orientation and gender identity/expression, advocacy, leadership and visibility should involve as many members of the community, that's why it is keeping its membership open to non-LGBT student supporters and friends as well.

So whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight or however you identify, we encourage you to join us in our fight for equality, freedom of expression, and LGBT rights.

If you are interested in joining, sign up sheets will be available at the front desk. We will keep you posted for our first general orientation, where you will be meeting and mingling with the most interesting people you'll ever meet, elect officers, and just have a colorful time.

See you at the end of the rainbow!