Sophie Caraan grew up reading music magazines. She had spent a chunk of her formative years being immersed in glossy print, telling stories about her favorite artists and bands.

With this passion, she entered MINT's Music Business Management program, with the hope of learning more about the industry that she became familiar with.

A natural storyteller, she ventured on an entirely different path from her peers of the same program. Usually, active musicians and aspiring breakout artists take this, but not Sophie.

After college, she became a writer for an online publication where got to interview rising and established names in both local and foreign music scene. Right now, she's in Hong Kong as the associate editor for HYPEBEAST, a street fashion and lifestyle online magazine.

In this new weave Profile, Sophie shares how MINT helped her tell music stories with ease, and how it taught her to expand her view about the path she chose to take in college. W

Video by: RM Cristobal

Interview by: Chai Lugares