Students will vote for two representatives per program (total of 16) and two representatives per year level (total of 8). The Student ParliaMINT will be composed of these representatives. From the 24 representatives, eight Program Coordination Boards (PCBs) will be formed; each will be composed of the two program representatives and one year level representative. Also, within the Student ParliaMINT, an election will be held to appoint a Chairman, Vice Chairman and a Secretary.

The PCB will be responsible for:

  1. Planning, coordinating, organising, and executing program-related events and activities in collaboration with their respective program head and/or his/her faculty representative, and an admin representative
  2. Participating in the student organisation review panel, which is composed of the program head, head of student affairs, and the members of the PCB
  3. Promoting the growth and supporting events and activities of student organisations established under their respective programs
  4. Providing feedback, through consultation with the other students under their respective programs, to their program head regarding curriculum development and enhancement
  5. Suggesting program improvement initiatives, including but are not limited to, additional topics, topic revisions, equipment, new skills, etc.

The year level representatives will be responsible for:

  1. Participating in a PCB (but not necessarily their own program)
  2. Gathering and disseminating information to and from the Student ParliaMINT, administration and the student body.

To file for candidacy, a student:

  1. Must be currently enrolled with at least 18 units workload
  2. Must have no failing final grade in any subject
  3. Must have a clean disciplinary and academic record

Campaign Materials

Designated areas will be provided for candidates to post their campaign materials. Any material posted in a restricted area will be removed. A maximum of three (3) 13" x 19" poster is allowed per candidate. If running with a partner, the candidates must have separate posters.

Room-to-Room Campaign
All instructors will be requested to allow candidates to talk to their class ONLY during the first and last 10 minutes of the period and only for a maximum of two (2) minutes per candidate.

Online Campaign
Candidates are only allowed to post in the official Facebook group (MINT Revolution) once a day. Any post in excess will be remove