“It’s a happy talent to know how to play.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

To play is to engage, to create, to interact. MINT students are undoubtedly creative. In a school that encourages freedom to push past limitations of making things happen, the students learned to create amazing works.

MINT Tv is a YouTube channel created to become their “creative playground”; a platform where MINT students can fully express themselves and find people who can relate to them.

A place where young creators that have something to say about anything, MINT Tv will feature shows that reflect trends and anything current in arts, entertainment, technology and culture.

For its first show Herbabuena Unplugged, MBM student and OPM artists Sam Ayson sings an acoustic rendition of Juan Karlos “Buwan”.

“I chose the song because I know the song is still hyped. I’m also really excited because I’ll get to show them what I can do and what MINT, as a school, has to offer,” said Sam. “It was cool too, because I get to work with Diego again,” he added.

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Sam Ayson & Diego Redoblado - “Buwan” (http://bit.ly/2BsVALw)