Photos of Mygel Edoloverio by RM Cristobal; ‘Vehicles in the City’ by Justin Lim;

"Chekken” by Mygel Edoloverio

“I loved the fact that everybody was so happy to see that they had something up on one of the walls. I love every single one of them, and it's incredibly cool to think how skillful they all are at what they do.”

This is how Mygel Edoloverio—MINT Senior High Multimedia Arts (MMA) student—described his feelings on the recently concluded Student Honor Show, ‘Prevue’. The annual event is dedicated to showcase the best works of students from the MMA, MBM, FIlm, and Marketing programs, and to award outstanding achievers in the academic area as well.

Each year, the walls transform to a makeshift gallery of outstanding student works and was  recently dubbed as the “Wall of Fame.”

Likewise, two major awards were given during the event: the People’s Choice and the Faculty’s Choice. This year, the People’s Choice awardee was chosen by public votation. Guests vote by scanning QR codes found alongside the artworks; a live feed of the results was also broadcast throughout the event. The Faculty’s Choice winner was chosen only by MINT teachers and staff.

The winner of the People’s Choice is MINT Marketing student Justin Lim for his entry under the MINT Photo Club, and MMA student Edoloverio for Faculty’s Choice.

Lim’s best photos featured a busy cityscape, with vehicles in motion on the streets. “I didn’t plan on taking photos of a specific subject when I went with the MINT Photo Club in our BGC photowalk. As we were wandering around the area, I decided to just reflect on the everyday scenes in the city,” he shares. “I think that ‘maganda sila na subject for the photo.’”

For Edoloverio, his winning piece involves a famous Filipino past time and a widely known videogame. He shares that for his Humanities class, they were tasked to put a Filipino spin on anything that they could think of. What he did was to play with the ideas of “Tekken” and sabong. Thus the birth of his comic art titled “Chekken.”

“It was just one of those projects that I intentionally made to look stupid to see how far I could push it,” he admits. “Sometimes, my pen just keeps spewing out these ideas and all I have to do is catch up with it.”

Despite the huge honor given to them, both winners were humbled and more than happy to see not only their works to be heralded in Prevue, but also their schoolmates’. Lim shares that seeing the works of his fellow schoolmates mounted on the wall is a big achievement for them already. As Edolovario puts it, “since a lot of their works are so underappreciated, it was great to finally see their efforts get the acknowledgement it deserves.” W