Sam De Leon has two passions he would like to fully commit himself to someday: music and education.

Right now, Sam is working his way through a whirlwind of academics and gig life. Besides being an active musician and a junior MINT Music Business Management student, he also heads the school’s official music org Herbabuena. He is also tapped from time to time to go to production sets to do sound and mix engineering.

Despite being a jack-of-all-trade, Sam believes that music can be taught, as he did so himself. Before he knew how to work with softwares, buttons and wires, he first began as a guitarist, which then led him to being a sessionist bass player, and a music producer. His fascination for strong acoustics led him to pursue a music career.

In this new weave Profile, we follow Sam and learn how he keeps up with the pace of living his dream. W

Video by: RM Cristobal

Interview by: Chai Lugares