Posters and Screencaps by senior Film students : Luigi Marcelo, Dani Angeles, Marc Kierulf, and Jico Umali

Visual storytelling is a thriving art in a creative school like MINT College. Each year, the Film program produces talented filmmakers ready to tell interesting stories about life and the human drama.

This year, the Film department held a Mini MINT Film Festival featuring five thesis films made by senior Film students last May 17. The chosen films reflected history, socio-political issues, and slice-of-life.

A fictional take on the issue of the rampant extra-judicial killings inspired Marc Austin Kierulf to make “Karilyebo”. Kierulf used the perspective of a hitman to give a glimpse of the reality of uncalled deaths that alarmingly rose because of a pronouncement by the country’s president.

Set in the year 1946, a dark and turbulent period in the country’s history, “Pureza” by Daniella Angeles is an ironic take of the Spanish word for ‘innocence’. It follows a young girl’s loss of her naivety as the war threatens her seemingly pure world.

Luigi Marcelo’s “Green Thumb” is a clever visual story of a struggling family making ends meet, but at the expense of a grim secret.

The featured thesis films are proof of how the new batch of aspiring filmmakers can thrive once they step out of MINT College, and into the actual industry. The short films will also be released on MINT College’s online channel, MINT TV, under “In Reel Life” (IRL). W


Go to MINT TV ( and click on our In Reel Life playlist to see more films proudly made by MINT filmmakers. Watch out for these new offerings this June!