MINT Riffs at Music Museum. Photos by Byron Villar

Just like the rainbow’s definitive colors, the MINT Riffs—the school’s official glee club—had a showcase in vivid technicolor last May 20 at the Music Museum, Greenhills, San Juan. It was their sixth annual concert which they named “Bahaghari”.

Signifying “dreams, hope, and giving back,” as said by member and Music Business Management student Meg Mangoba, the concert was divided into three parts: Kulimlim (or gloom), Ulan (or rain), and Bahaghari (or rainbow). Each segment was filled with medleys of iconic Original Pilipino Music (OPM) and songs by internationally-known artists. There were also stages that perfectly showcased their vocal chops with challenging songs by well-known power belters in the global music scene.

The night began with an anthemic OPM mash-up of rock songs like Rivermaya’s “Liwanag sa Dilim” and Bamboo’s “Noypi”. The MINT Riffs echo the infectious buzz of the medley as they belted out powerful notes to the heavy guitar riffs and drumming.

Singing Radiohead’s “Creep”, MINT Riffs set the stage for “challenging” ballads, as these songs required their full vocals and skills to channel the right emotions per song. The Riffs’ emotional repertoire included Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow”, Andra Day’s “Rise Up,” and Sister Act II’s “Oh Happy Day.”

The next stage gave way for the ladies of MINT Riffs to show off their vocal chops individually and as a group. Singing a medley of Ariana Grande songs, the lady Riffs each gave their own strong vocal colors, but also made great harmony as well.

As for the Riff guys, their classroom skit is the perfect set-up to belt out classic Apo Hiking Society songs. Relatable, light, and fun: the guys’ charisma on stage made the audience, young or old, sing as passionately with them. On the flip side, they also made them swoon as they also sung Jon McLaughlin’s “So Close”.

Other highlights of the night include an Eraserheads tribute, Indie OPM hits, Unsteady/Lost Stars medley, and Throwback medley.

As a special treat to mark their 6th concert, the Riffs also invited Korean YouTube and recording artist Jin-Ho Bae and the Rondalla. Bae sung his famous OPM covers like “Nanghihinayang”. W