Poster by Aia Arkoncel

Poster by Aia Arkoncel

This will be the first time that the MINT Multimedia Arts (MMA) program will be opening this year’s thesis presentation to all students, especially to the junior levels. “The Big Pitch,” as it is called, will showcase five thesis projects by MINT MMA seniors at the MINT Playhouse on May 18 (Saturday), from 10AM to 4PM.

MMA seniors Dia Sosa, Igi Rollan, Daniel Rueda, Karen Endaya, and Vicky Tumacder will tackle different hobbies and issues through a series of “integrated and holistic” campaigns.

“We’re opening this to all students, especially to our juniors, because I want our program to develop the research culture,” said MMA Program Head Lizza Gutierrez. “I am happy to know from our external panelists that things are looking up, especially with this year’s batch;  they said that the students now have a clearer grasp of thesis making.”

She also added that for their thesis unit, students dedicated three semesters for the research in designing their suggested solution to everyday concerns. “We are excited to see what they conceptualized, and their project’s viability,” Gutierrez said.

Sosa’s “Pamana,” Tumacder’s “Its Okay,” Rollan’s “Trash Talk,” and Rueda’s “Victory For All” will tackle different social issues like the environment, mental health, care for the elderly and bus etiquette.

Endaya’s “Schwarz Girl Ako” took inspiration from her hobby, which is soccer.

“The real challenge for the students is to find what makes their target market ‘tick’,  something that will make them mobilize for these campaigns,” she shared. “It’s something that even real advertisers struggle with, and only a few creative professionals managing to pull off.” W