Clara Benin has a musician for a father and a singer for a mother. It’s always been in her to be inclined to make music. Armed with her guitar and her loop pedal, she never fails to deliver soulful acoustic music. As an independent musician, she already released a full album she named “Human Eyes.” With her distinctly heartfelt and soothing sound, Clara continues to thrive as an artist, flying to different countries, and even getting a chance to represent the Philippines at various music festivals.

She is also known for her unique renditions of OPM classics, highlighting the sincerity present in each song that she covers. Meanwhile, her original compositions tell stories of her personal journey and relatable moments about life and love.

In this new Life After MINT episode, Clara shares her story on how she began with music, and how MINT helped her launch a career that she wishes to utilize not only for herself, but also for everyone in the independent local music scene. W

Video by: RM Cristobal

Interview by: Chai Lugares