For MINT Marketing graduate, Miggy Mangabat, it’s not enough to just work hard, but to also work smart. He is now a Marketing Trainee at Mondelez Philippines. His job entails him to crunch numbers and to also get creative about putting their newest offering out in the market.

He greatly believes in “working with a purpose”, setting the direction of the effort exerted in a project. Like a true-blue MINT alum, he also strive to create and bring out something new, and forge strong relationship among his peers, taking note of his time here in school where he got to work with various schoolmates from different programs. He also appreciates how experiences, especially since college, paved the way that he is walking on now. 

In this new Life After MINT episode, we get to know Miggy and how his stay in MINT helped him greatly to flourish in the career path he set on. W

Video by: RM Cristobal

Interview by: Chai Lugares