From the start, Bob loves to take on less-travelled roads.

Being passionate about the music industry, she opted to attend her college here at MINT, despite passing other topnotch universities like University of the Philippines and Ateneo De Manila.

In her four years stay, she has no regrets as she got to live the best student life while preparing herself for the future. True enough, her diligence paid off as she graduated Magna cum Laude as a Music Business Management major in 2017. She also got absorbed by the company she applied for her on-the-job training, Homonym. After a fruitful 2 years though, she found herself quitting the corporate world and taking on another challenging choice: surviving law school. 

This new episode of Life After MINT, we get to know Bob Ecarma, MINT MBM graduate who is a soon-to-be law student and in the future, an attorney. 


Video by: Rm Cristobal

Interview by: Chai Lugares