Photos by Chris Carlos and Angel Pua


MINT College held a weeklong event, highlighting its Film degree program last November 19-22 at the Playhouse.

This year’s theme is “film noir”, a term used to describe the American crime films as being pessimistic and menacing. The theme was reflected by the various gang and mafia film posters decorating the hallways of the school last week.

MINT Film students also donned their best 30s mafia/gang-esque fashion as they attended a series of talks and screenings for four days.

Various speakers in the film industry conducted panel discussions on topics such as the current trends and the creative process in filmmaking, the rise and impression of historical films on the Filipino audience, and film appreciation.

Speakers included filmmakers Keith Sicat and Sari Dalena-Sicat, who discussed the creative process in producing the film, “Ang Kababaihan ng Malolos”; Francis De Veyra on film scoring; writer-director and vlogger Bani Logrono; director Sherad Sanchez on film appreciation; historian Xiao Chua on heroism as depicted in Jerrold Tarog’s historical film, “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral”; filmmakers Armi Cacanindin and Jan Pineda from Globe Studios also on filmmaking and “Goyo”; and director Kip Oebanda on making  the award-winning Cinemalaya film, “Liway”.  

Each session was followed by screenings of short films made by MINT Film students, and for the last day, a series of foreign short films were shown as part of the lineup.

The MINT Film Week is an annual culminating activity spearheaded by CineMINT, MINT’s film organization. W