JANINA VELA on being a creator and a singer.


Janina Vela is a well-known video content creator, putting out beauty and lifestyle vlogs on Youtube. Being on-camera for four years already, Janina has mastered the art of vlogging “like muscle memory”, in her own words. She has always been reaching outward, extend words of motivation to her viewers on each episode that she put out.

However, there came a time wherein she lost her touch in being a creator and decided to take a time off to instead examine herself to rediscover her passion. Her introspection has led her to music. She opens up about her journey in creating her first EP, titled “Love You the Same”.  

In this new Weave Profile episode, Janina opens up about the struggles of being visible in the public eye, her motivation in sharing a piece of herself, one video at a time, and baring her soul in her new venture as an artist-singer. W

WATCH HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95piC0dbWIs

Interview by: Chai Lugares

Video by: RM Cristobal